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Your Songs produced right!

Instead of getting ripped off by a pretentious producer who will adulterate your songs and end up giving you a overpriced product, why not try the Tap N Tune approach.

My philosophy is start with good songs, and get the performance and tone right in the tracking process, and the mix will just come together with ease.

To accomplish this, I use a variety of different tools and approaches to get the job done. This could mean recording in big ambient spaces or tight control room environment depending on the sound I am trying to achieve. Often I will also try different microphones and preamps combinations to get the tone I am looking for in the mix, and then I will commit those sounds during the tracking phase.


I offer free Skype/Zoom initial consultation sessions to get the ball rolling.  A typical consultation conversation includes a discussion of the songs you want to record as well as some information regarding the vision for the song. All this information helps me identify what genre the music is in, and also to give me a better idea of what your going for.

After discussing your vision and goals, we would discuss the budget for the project and any pertaining logistics concerning the project. At that point, If you decide to work with me and have me produce your song(s), then I will send you a production agreement/contract, and ask for a 50% deposit upon signing. The deposit shows good faith that your committed and want to move forward into a production schedule.

After you pay your deposit, we can get started working on pre-production. "Pre-production" is the stage in which we would sit down with your songs and begin making determinations into the arrangement of the material. Once we have a good roadmap for the songs, At that point we would schedule your tracking sessions and record your songs.

After all the initial tracking sessions are finished, the mixing phase begins. During this phase, many artists ask for rough mixes. I am happy to provide "roughs" to my client upon request. Upon completion of the final mixes I would submit mp3's for review, and provide mix revisions ( vocal up ect.) if needed. Once you are completely happy, I will release the final mixes, and then bill you (the artist/label/company) to collect the remaining 50% of my producer fee.

My producer fee is £ 700 per song, so each song would require a £ 350 deposit to begin recording. In the event you want me to produce more than 3 songs for you, I can offer a discount rate of £ 400 per song, which saves a lot a money especially if you want me to work on a whole album of material.

This is my way of saying thank you for choosing Tap N Tune, and will hopefully incentivize more productions in the future.

P.S. For some clients they prefer to mix their songs themselves, or with a trained mixing engineer. If you desire the raw multi-tracks after the tracking sessions, I can provide them to you for free as part of my service, however in order to get the full experience I recommend you choose Tap N Tune to mix your tracks, for we use industry standard Pro Tools 2021 and third party plug-in's to give you a radio release sound in a matter of days. 




Press Photos

Hendersonville studio 2019

Hendersonville studio 2019

CRAS graduate 2012

CRAS graduate 2012

Nashville Home studio 2014

Nashville Home studio 2014