The slowcooker approach.

In our fast food age, we like to microwave our lunches, get drive through coffee, and get high speed internet on demand. In fact society is moving at a much more frenzied pace than it did even 100 years ago, it makes you think what happened?

I think the short answer is: Technology happened. Sure, we may think technology has improved many aspects of our lives, but then again, we must ask, "Has it really?" I mean think about it, what have we really sacrificed in order to enjoy the modern conveniences that technology affords us?

In life we think, " I gotta get things done quickly"  with the impression that if we do things quickly and efficiently as possible we can have more time to do other things. That may be true to some degree, But let me ask you something. Have you ever encountered a problem that required a long time to solve?

Being able to solve problems over a long period of time is essential to succeeding in business. Solving specific problems can take some serious time, and is often a game of trial and error.

In our age of iPhones and TV on demand, it seems we have forgotten about the virtue of patience, and the slow cooker. Now the slow cooker is a great way to make a meal. You place your ingredients into the cooker, set it and forget it. 6 to 8 hours later you have a tasty meal.

For some "the slow cooker" approach is too time consuming, but then again how much time will you waste if you try to short cut the process? The truth is there are no shortcuts in life. If you try to take shortcuts, you end up with crappy results. The better solution? Slow cooking! ( it's a great metaphor.)

So how much time might it takes to build a solid team in order to tackle a big project? Are you willing to take the time and invest in prospecting? Are you willing to take the time to "plow the field" in order to "sow the seeds" of your unique and creative vision? Then after you have have planted those "seeds," will you tarry over that same soil, and water it until those seeds sprout?

Everything in life is "Seed, Time, and Harvest." You can't rush the process, anymore than you can speed up time. So whatever your vision may be, be patient, it may take considerable time on "slow heat" till that next development or opportunity arises for the advancement and realization of your goals.

In the music industry, everyone thinks that at some point they will become "a overnight success." The truth is success is accumulative. It is the smaller successes that turn into big ones. While it may be true that some amatuers are waiting on their "big break," professionals realize that breakthrough only comes with vision, hard work, and lots of persistence!

Want some advice and encouragement?

Don't give up. You never know when you might hit "paydirt." So keep plowing, seeding, and watering till your vision comes to pass, and most importantly be patient.