The New age of Digital audio.

Ever wondered how the music industry suddenly changed overnight? I mean look at all those streaming services out there, and where did all the major labels go? Although the majors are still around a lot of things have changed, and now the music industry is being shaped by independent musicians and digital distribution.

I don't know about you, but this new era of digital audio and streaming excites me. Gone are the days of artists being slaves to major labels just to get their music heard by audience worldwide. No more 360 deals, no more paying management teams, no more artist prostitution. Yay!

So what does that mean for aspiring musicians and recording artists? It means now more than ever, artist's can make their music accessible to anyone with a simple computer and internet connection. Wow. With all the digital distribution platforms available, it is both convenient and inexpensive to finally get your music out there for sale and download to fans and audiences.

This kind of access to digital distribution has opened wide the door for a new kind of success for today's independent artist that was impossible twenty years ago. Sites like CD Baby, Tunecore, DistroKid, and Ditto all give the artist access to get their music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music, Google play music etc for a small fee.

In this new age of digital audio where anyone's music is just a few clicks of a mouse away, more artists are jumping on the digital bandwagon. They are realizing that with a bit of clever marketing, the right social media attention, and a solid online presence, artists can brand themselves and monetize their music without paying "the middle man."

Which brings me to my next logical question. Without "the middle man," what do today's indie artists actually need in order to make their music dreams come true? Well first off they need to be able to record their music, secondly they need to be able to create compelling mixes and masters for their streaming needs.

That's where Tap N Tune comes in. In 2007 I saw that artists would need to transition from the old industry model to the new digital wine skin, and that's why I put myself in business, to help and equip the next generation to make this critical transition.

Have you made the transition yet? If not, don't feel left out. Many artist's are learning and becoming adept at recording themselves, and producing quality tracks from home. That is why I started the a course called, "Indie Producer" for anyone with the hunger to make it happen in their home studio.

Now, what if you already have experience recording your own songs, but you feel that your still lacking a quality mix that can compete with reference material? That's where I can help. Send me your tracks and I will create balanced and clear mixes for you, and during the month of December I will throw in FREE mastering for every song you send me to mix.

Pretty sweet deal? I normally charge $50 per song to master, but I am running this special because I want to help artists get their songs ready for streaming services without set-backs or excuses.

So what is holding you back now? Nothing? Your music awaits.

"Tap in, Tune out."