Welcome to Tap N Tune.

Producing music is our passion, and we believe that making good sounding music is equal parts art & science. With that in mind our goal is to find the balance between the two, so that in the end the Music speaks for itself.

Looking for music services? Need some help? Please have a look around by scrolling downward to see what we offer.

We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your goals.

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  • Consultation


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Want to record your music, but you don't know where to begin? No problem. We offer a free 30 minute consulting sessions over zoom or sessionwire as a valuable resource for any aspiring artist who needs a roadmap. Alternatively a longer 1 hour session ( £ 25) for can also be booked for those needing more information or advice.

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Mixing per song
  • Mixing per song

Mixing per song

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We will mix your song for you, using the industry standard Protools DAW and a host of plug-in's for that radio release sound. Send us your .wav files or ProTools sessions and let us transform them into a cohesive mix ready for mastering. Fast turn around within 5-7 business days using WeTransfer or Dropbox.

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Mastering per song
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Mastering per song

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Need to get your track(s) ready for CD's or Streaming services at appropriate loudness levels? Mastering is the key!

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Hi, my name is Jordan Young. I am a skilled multi-instrumentalist, a qualified audio engineer, and an independent music producer.

I started Tap N Tune Productions around ten years ago with a vision to help indie artists break into the music industry. 

Years ago while living in Nashville, TN I realized more music was being produced in home studios than big recording studios.

The music industry was shifting toward home studio productions however many talented indie artists were struggling with achieving the same sound quality as major label recordings.

After seeing this gap, I saw a niche within the home studio market and put myself in business as full stack producer to help emerging independent artists achieve better recordings and mixes so their music could compete with major label recordings.

Interested in chatting about your music project? Need help getting started?  Please send me an email and I will get back to you promptly.

Tap in, Tune out.


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